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~Submitting a New Sheet~

The Submission Form

1. - Submission Type
Leave this as the default option "No"

2. - Series
Select the series your sheet belongs in.

3. - Game
The list of games is populated based on your selection of series. If you want to submit a sheet to a new game, just tick the box and fill in the info.

4. - Title
Just the song title. No need to add "(Duet)" or "(Two Pianos)" on the end, that gets added automatically depending on which instrumentation option you select.

5. - Instrumentation
Simply select the instrumentation of your arrangement from the drop down menu.

6. - Files
You need to upload a .mid file, a .mus file (no .MALESTORM at this stage, if you need one converted, put it on the help thing) and a .pdf file.

7. - Additional Options
Click the "+" icon to expand the additional options section. At the moment the only additional option is to add extra arrangers but more options may be added in the future.

To add an addition arranger, type their arranger name in the box to search and click their name in the drop down menu to add them.
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