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Number Lock Shortcuts
« on: February 21, 2015, 10:14:26 pm »
1 sixty-fourth note
2 thirty-second note
3 sixteenth note
4 eighth note
5 quarter note
6 half note
7 whole note
8 double whole note
9 triplet
0 rest of selected duration

+ sharp
- flat
/ tie
. dot (half duration)

(Note: the sharps and flats act differently in number lock. If you were to press it again, they would add on the the changed note. Making a sharp a double sharp and so on.)
Also the "ctrl" key also moves between measures

Ctrl/+ Zoom in
Ctrl/- Zoom out
Ctrl/e Switches between scroll view to page view

P Courtesy note
L Flips note
H Hides note
/ De-attaches/attaches previous note's stem

Shift/+ double sharp
Shift/- double flat

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