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Metronome Markings
« on: February 21, 2015, 10:05:14 pm »
Adding a Metronome Mark.

Let's say you forgot to include it when you created a file. Or you haven't decided then, and now you want one!

Click on the Expressions tool.
Select Create
Click Text on the menu bar, then font, and from the list of fonts, select Maestro, size 24

Click OK
Now you notice the font listed in the Text Expression Designer window is in Maestro, 24 pt (or preferred size). type a lowercase q in the text box and a quarter note should appear. To enter the equal sign, =, hold down ALT and type in 0200 on your keypad. When the equal sign appears, type in the rest of the metronome marking you want.
DT brought this up and it's probably a good idea if you don't have a keypad...Use the Engraver Text font and you can enter the equal sign and numbers normally. I can't type in the note symbols with Engraver in Allegro for the life of me though. Alternatively, you can change the font to anything after the note's been entered, and everything you type on the right of the note will be normal. Don't hit left or you'll have to change it from Maestro again.


While you're here, why not assign a tempo? It can be done on the next tab. A description, such as Allegro, can be added in the second, smaller text box on the window.

Other notes:

Typing certain letters in the Maestro font will give you different note symbols.
w=whole note
h=half note
q=quarter note
qk=dotted quarter note
e=eighth note
x=sixteenth note

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